If you have received a citation (parking ticket) you can either pay the citation or appeal it. See below for more information.

Citation Fines

Fine Code


Fine Amount


IMPROPER PARKING ON UNIVERSITY PROPERTY TO INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO: parking without a valid virtual permit, parking placard, or parking hang-tag in restricted lots; parking multiple vehicles on campus that are assigned to a single virtual permit; back-in parking without authorization; back-in parking in a campus parking garage or parking lot with angled parking; parking in an access lane; blocking access to spaces, lots, facilities, drive aisles, or streets; parking without the appropriate virtual permit, parking placard, or parking hang-tag for the space, lot, or facility used; obstructed license plate; virtual permit vehicle information entered incorrectly; improper parking in a loading zone; parking on lawns, landscape or sidewalks; parking in a "No Parking" or non-designated parking area; overtime parking in an hourly space or time-limited space.

02 BOOT FEE: Administrative charge for a vehicle immobilized for unpaid parking citations. $50.00
03 PARKING IN A FIRELANE: Any portion of the vehicle. $100.00
04 DISABLED PARKING VIOLATION: Parking in a disabled space without a proper permit, fraudulent use of a disabled permit, or blocking disabled access areas. $250.00
05 FALSE REGISTRATION: Falsification of proof of status to obtain an FSU virtual permit, motorcycle permit, parking placard, or parking hang-tag by an authorized individual for use by or resale to an unauthorized individual. Failure to provide correct vehicle information within seven working days. Use of a parking permit, placard, or hang-tag listed as stolen or lost. Use of an altered or forged parking permit, placard, or hang-tag. Misuse and fraudulent use of a virtual permit, motorcycle permit, parking placard, or parking hang-tag or unauthorized use or possession of a gate opening device. $100.00
06 RESERVED AREA VIOLATION: Parking in a designated reserved space. $100.00
07 BUS AREA VIOLATION: Parking in a designated bus loading zone. $100.00

Pay Citation

Current Students, Faculty, and Staff may pay citations online at (all major credit/debit cards and international wires accepted).

If you are not officially affiliated with the University, please visit to pay online.

Appeal Citation

*Decisions are based on your full explanation of circumstances supporting your appeal.

If your appeal is denied at the first level, you may escalate your case to the Transportation Violation Appeals Board.
Click here for more information.

NOTE: Citations must be paid or an appeal must be filed with our office within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance. Failure to pay or appeal a citation within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance will result in the assessment of a $10 late fee. Students will also be blocked from registering for classes until a citation has been paid or cleared.


Be aware that breaking any parking rule on campus can lead to your vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

If your vehicle is towed from FSU property, please contact our office at (850) 644.5278. After 5:00 PM please contact FSU Police Department at (850) 644.1234.